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It’s been my privilege and honour to represent the neighbourhoods of Ward 11 over the past four years.  In 2014, you told me that you wanted to see a council that worked together to put the interests of our city first.  While councillors haven’t always agreed, we’ve always put London first in our decisions. Over the course of this term, we’ve:

  • Maintained a ‘Aaa’ credit rating - the highest rating possible
  • Significantly reduced reliance on debt financing for capital projects
  • Approved the London Plan charting our path forward to reduce sprawl and build a more livable city
  • Increased access for public transit
  • Established the Housing Development Corporation to develop more affordable housing faster for those in need
  • Enhanced environmental protections for our natural heritage spaces
  • Accelerated repairs and maintenance on our roads, bridges, and sewers to reduce the infrastructure gap
  • Hired more police and bylaw officers
  • Raised London’s national profile by attracting events like the Canadian Country Music Awards and the Junos.
  • Helped foster a welcoming and inclusive city for all
  • Funded and aggressively began work to reduce congestion, enhance transit, expand cycling and pedestrian infrastructure and help all Londoners move more easily throughout our city.


…all while keeping tax increases below 3%.    

But there’s still work to be done and so I’m asking you to send me back to City Hall for another term. I’ve been a very effective champion for our neighbourhoods and our city, even before I was elected to council.  I will continue to be that champion and it’s important for us to keep working together for a better London.   I need your help to get us there.


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Contact me by email at '[email protected]' or by phone at 519-672-6296