A City That Cares

A strong city is one that shows compassion and provides opportunities for all its residents. Despite a relatively low cost of living, strong employment, diverse economy, good schools, and vibrant culture, there are many who are struggling. The vacancy rate for rental housing sits at only 1.8% and housing prices have increased over 35% in the last several years. This creates the potential for a housing crisis. Many Londoners with mental health and addictions concerns find themselves disconnected from supports.  Growing racial intolerance south of the border, is finding its way here.  

As a city, I believe it's essential that we face these challenges head-on.  I believe we all want a city where we can have the best chance to succeed - one where respect, compassion and understanding is shown to all our neighbours. Together we can learn from each other's experiences, build on each other's strengths and ensure London is a city that supports and embraces all its residents.

We can do this by:

  • Implementing the recommendations of the Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Adopting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action.
  • Building wrap-around supports for Londoners with addictions and mental health concerns. 
  • Completing development and implementation of the Community Drug and Alcohol Strategy.
  • Implementing the recommendations of the Mayor's Advisory Panel on Poverty
  • Continuing to use a 'housing first' model of support for under-housed and homeless Londoners.
  • Using Community Improvement Plans, Inclusionary Zoning, and Bonusing to increase development of affordable housing.
  • Providing trauma-informed care and support interactions from all service providers.
  • Enhancing collaboration amongst community service agencies. 

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  • Stephen Turner