A Strong Economy

London has the ingredients for success and we need to continue to fan the flames to keep our economy growing. We've kept taxes down, decreased the City's debt, invested in services, and issued a record number of building permits.  Unemployment in London is at its lowest level in over 14 years.  Leveraging our diverse economy, our access to talent, and our proximity to some of the largest markets in North America will help us succeed now and into the future.  

When Amazon started its search for a location for its second headquarters (HQ2), they issued a wish-list of the important qualities they were seeking in a city to call their new home.  These included:

  • A stable business environment
  • Ready access to talent
  • Effective mass transit
  • Proximity to markets
  • Fibre connectivity and service
  • Urban placemaking
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • A strong labour force
  • Cultural and community fit
  • A strong sense of community and high quality of life


While we may not be in the running for HQ2, these are the qualities that are important to many of the companies that will be looking for when they start, grow or relocate and it's important that we're ready for them.  

How we can do it:

  • Continue to use multi-year budgeting to create economic stability for business and investment.
  • Maintain tax increases below 3% annually. 
  • Enhance our transit services significantly through rapid transit and improvements to conventional transit.
  • Build stronger relationships between students and employers with more co-op learning opportunities.
  • Enhance urban placemaking policies.
  • Support new and existing small businesses. 
  • Provide ready access to industrial lands.

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  • Stephen Turner