A Sustainable City

Since well before I was elected, I have been very active in working to build a sustainable city.  Through my work on the Advisory Committee on the Environment, the Environmental and Ecological Planning Advisory Committee, the Urban League of London, and Reforest London, I've been quite involved with successful community efforts to protect our trees and green spaces, and tackling urban sprawl.  I've brought that experience with me to City Hall to help develop strong policies to ensure we're being the best stewards of our land.  


What we’ve done:

  • Passed The London Plan for sustainable citybuilding
  • Developed a strong tree protection bylaw
  • Protected farmland and environmentally sensitive lands from development
  • Expanded Greenway Pollution Control Plant to significantly reduce sewer bypasses into the Thames River


What I’d like to do next:

  • Introduce Green Bins / organic waste collection
  • Bring the Coves Valspar property into public ownership
  • Expand our Environmentally Significant Areas

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  • Stephen Turner