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As we look at a new Council coming in at the end of 2018, Pillar Nonprofit Network asked all candidates registered to run for the mayoral and ward seats the following questions:

  1. What does equity and inclusion mean to you related to nonprofits and social enterprises?

    For me, equity and inclusion means that everyone has the ability to access and enjoy programs and services, regardless of their background or circumstances. I believe that all government services must be delivered with equity as front of mind, however, that may not be a lens used as commonly in the private or non profit sectors as, in many cases, there isn t as clear a mandate or legal obligation to do so. That said, I often see non profits and social enterprises as leaders in ensuring that their programs and services are offered equitably and inclusively.

    The first step to this is identifying barriers to participation or service for clients. Who is being served, how are they being served, and are there variations in the level of service provided or able to be accessed due to background or circumstance. This could include barriers for those due to accessibility challenges, race, gender, language or social and economic backgrounds. Equity doesn t mean everyone gets the same support, it means everyone gets the support they need in order to have the same opportunity to participate.

  2. How do you currently support equity and inclusion in London? Please give examples.

    As a council, we have taken equity and inclusion very seriously. I believe, largely, as a group, we have introduced quite a few initiatives to help ensure access to City programs and services to as many people as possible. This has included:

    - Low income transit fares
    - Mandating that plans and programs are undertaken with a gender and diversity lens
    - Proclaiming and mandating London as a City Free of Fear, Services For All
    - Taking meaningful action on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations, including requesting and achieving indigenous representation on the London Police Services Board
    - Eliminating police street checks

    ...to name a few. Londoners deserve to have faith and trust in their government and that starts with being treated fairly and equitably so that everyone may have the best chances to succeed.

  3. Once elected, how will you demonstrate that equity and inclusion are a priority for you?  Please provide at least two specific examples/actions of support.

I will continue to hold the principles that we have supported over the current term and ensuring that the measures taken to date aren't just paid lip service but continue to be put into action. For me that will include looking at every policy and program we institute from a gender and diversity equity perspective and ask who s not being represented here, and what do we need to do to fix that? That will mean tackling how to improve the representation of those who have historically been under represented in the decision making process (which has often resulted in policy that is not fully inclusive).

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